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The Projects Database Entry Form

Adding Information on a Project

This page is for submitting information on projects to the EUROPA database of Parallel C++ research projects. Please supply as much information as you have available. The name of the project/language, the participating institutions, the names of the researchers/investigators and a description of the language/project (ideally around 100 words) are the important fields. URLs etc are useful but not as critical - but if you have them please submit them.

Section 1: Project Information and Background

1) Which of the following subject areas best describes the type of parallelism of the project/language?

2) Does the project have secondary relevence in any of the following areas?
(You can choose zero or more)

3) What is the name of the project/language?

4) What institutions are participating in the project?
(Type in all of the institutions participating in the project, one per line)

5) What are the names of the researchers/investigators on the project?
(Enter the name of all of the known researchers on the project, one per line)

6) What are the email addresses of the researchers/investigators of the project?
(Type in all of the known email addresses of those involved with the project, one per line)

7) What is the current status of the project?

8) Briefly, what are the aims of the project?
(Note that you can type plain text or html here - html is recommended.)

9) Please type in a description of the project here.

(Note that you can type plain text or html here - html is recommended.)

Section 2: Relevant URLs for Further Information

Use this section to enter any URLs which are relevant to the project - e.g. the home page of project information, where a release is available on the web, the home pages of the researchers and the participants etc.
Please type in the url and the description of what the url points to on the same line, with each new url on a new line, e.g. The EUROPA home page
as these links are transformed into active links when the database is processed, and any incorrect entrys will prevent links from working properly.

1) URL(s) relevant to the project

Section 3: Submission

Click here to submit the contents of the form to the database. Please check the information you have entered is correct and correctly typed as it cannot be rectified afterwards.

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