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2 Rationale of europa

2.3 Control of Parallelism

2.3.1 - Usage Patterns
2.3.2 - Control Assumptions

2.3 Control of Parallelism

2.3.1 Usage Patterns

Differing applications, problem domains and parallel processing models require different control abilities over the parallel constructs used in a program. These control requirements largely define the usage patterns of the language in question and will vary with the application in question. europa supports variants of common classes of C++ applications and with them any assumptions about usage patterns.

2.3.2 Control Assumptions

europa is a generic standard for different parallel C++ languages and implementations, no assumptions are made about any one specific control mechanism. Instead, a means of allowing different control mechanisms within different parallel C++ languages is possible, constrained only by any restrictions which C++ normally imposes on those control mechanisms.

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Last updated: 26 Nov 1997