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EC++ --- EUROPA Parallel C++ A Draft Definition

D. Caromel, P. Dzwig, R. Kauffman, H. Liddell, A. McEwan, P. Mussi, J. Poole, M. Rigg, R. Winder The EUROPA Working Group on Parallel C++ , Architecture SIG


This paper outlines a draft definition for EC++ . EC++ is a framework within which parallel C++ systems can be standardised. The framework will add portability to parallel C++ systems and will run across a variety of hardware architectures, while encompassing as wide a set of parallel computing models and paradigms as possible, both standard models and user extensible models. This is done entirely within standard C++ , without syntactic extensions to C++ .

Alistair McEwan
Tue Feb 20 15:55:53 GMT 1996