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Draft Standardisation Paper Accepted for Publication at HPCN '96

The Architectures SIG has submitted a paper to HPCN '96 (High Performance Computing and Networking). The paper has been accepted and will be presented at the conference on April the 18th.

A postscript copy of the paper which will be published in the proceedings can be found HERE.

A (latex2html generated) html version is available HERE.

LPAC Proposal to EC++ structure

This paper has been put together by LPAC as a draft definition proposing the structure to EC++. It is intended that this paper will be open for discussion at the next Architecture SIG meeting, and that members will supply LPAC with comment before this meeting in order to refine the definition in time for the next meeting.

Alternatively, a postscript version of this document is available HERE

Position Papers

These are the position papers submitted by the research groups for the Architecture SIG Meetings

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