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The document describing EUROPA Parallel C++ is available:

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The EUROPA Working Group hosted a 4-day workshop from 22-25 June, 1997, which looked at identifying the direction that EC++ should take beyond the completion date on 30 June. Full details can be found on:

Future Directions

This section contains some of the resources put together by the EUROPA WG.

||C++ Project Information Archive

This is an archive containing a summary of all the projects upon which we are collecting information.

EUROPA ||C++ Archive

This is the EUROPA Article Archive-links to papers, journals, publications. In fact, this contains all of the published material on ||C++ on the web that we know of. If you know of a paper which is not in here, please add it in, by following the procedure outlined in the archive.

Restricted Access Area

This section is a restricted area which is only available to members of the group, and contains documents which are not for public viewing. If you should have access to this area and cannot access it for any reason, please get in touch with Matthew Holford or Alistair McEwan (emails elsewhere on this page) and arrangements will be made.

Parallel C++: Identifying an Emerging Standard

As you are probably aware, the European Commission ESPRIT Programme has made available modest funding for a Working Group, called EUROPA, to investigate Parallel C++. The aim being to try to identify an emerging standard for Parallel C++, and one able to support real end user applications of high performance computing (HPC). The Working Group comprises:

Full EUROPA Contact list


These are the dates of the meetings and workshops we have held so far:

Plenary Group

Chairman: Dr. Peter Dzwig email:PDzwig@albourneventures.demon.co.uk

Architecture SIG

Chairman: Professor Russel Winder email: russel@dcs.kcl.ac.uk

Implementations SIG

Chairman: Richard Kauffman email:richard@ilo.dec.com

Applications SIG

Chairman: Professor Heather Liddell email:heather@dcs.qmw.ac.uk

Not met yet, awaiting results from Architecture SIG

In addition to this, the Architecture SIG has produced a full EUROPA WG ROADMAP outlining our work to date and specifying how we intend to proceed.

Broadly speaking, we intend:

  1. To survey existing parallel C++ work world-wide: make contact with the designers and gather documentation on each system;
  2. to organise a small series of workshops for Researchers and potential Users, to discuss design issues;
  3. to encourage European users of Parallel Object Oriented languages and environments, and compiler writers to adopt a standard for Parallel C++.

Our full synopsis is here

We have a number of questions that we are attempting to address in the early stages of defining a standard, some of which are below:

  1. Are you interested in participating in the Working Group discussion, either through email or at the Workshops?
  2. Who in Europe do you feel should be invited to/involved in our Workshops?
  3. Which Researchers (world-wide) are likely to be most influential in the development of a parallel C++?

If you would like to help us answer these, or if you feel that you can help us in our aim and you would like to get involved with EUROPA, then please email Dr Peter Dzwig (EUROPA Chairman) of the London Parallel Applications Centre, at PDzwig@albourneventures.demon.co.uk.

Thank you for your help, if you would like us to keep you informed of our progress, please get in touch.

Peter Dzwig email: PDzwig@albourneventures.demon.co.uk
Heather Liddell email: heather@dcs.qmw.ac.uk
Russel Winder email: russel@dcs.kcl.ac.uk

Last Modified: 26th November 1997