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UC++ is an extension of C++, incorporating in an integral way active objects, which allows the language to be used for building parallel systems.

Work is currently under way on UC++-2, a complete reimplementation of the system avoiding all language extensions, making use of the Europa level 0 interface . It is hoped that a public release of UC++2 will take place at the start of August 1996. For further details of the implementation of UC++-2 and progress reports contact russel@dcs.kcl.ac.uk

Features of UC++-2 include:

The current version of the UC++2.0 manual (which is always in draft form!) can be found by clicking here

Information on previous version:

The People

The people involved are:
This project is currently running as a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL) and The London Parallel Applications Centre (LPAC) with financial support from the EPSRC (Grant number GR/J82423).

A previous phase of the project had been a collaboration between UCL and ICL plc, under the auspices of LPAC with financial support under the UK DTI PAP, project number IED3/9591/015-CTA8.

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