Proposal: discussion of use of separate proxies versus amending classes

Jonathan Poole

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At the EUROPA meeting of 19/20 July 1995 it was agreed that a model based on generation of external proxies was the best model. Using this model a scanner walks over the header files of classes and generates proxies for the classes that can deal with forwarding messages to remote objects.

The UC++ model of proxies is that the users classes are actually changed by the insertion of data members (in fact a supertypes) and by the insertion of a hook at the beginning of each member function. This means that the proxy and the actual object are distinguished just by a boolean value: all member functions have a test on this value.

The advantages of the externally generated proxy method are as follows:

There are however certain problems with the proxy generator model:

Jonathan Poole
Wed Aug 2 17:54:54 BST 1995