Usage Notes

Before trying to use UC++2.0.0, it is highly recommended that you become familiar with starting programs under the PVM console and using XPVM. To use this version you need three environment variables (at least) set, UCPP_ROOT, PVM_ROOT and PVM_ARCH

UCPP_ROOT just points to the root of the version of UC++ to be used, e.g. for this version:

setenv UCPP_ROOT /cs/research/coside/fsfb/croissant/coside/uc++2.0.0a3

similarly PVM_ROOT, which might be set to

setenv PVM_ROOT /cs/research/coside/fsfb/croissant/coside/pvm3

finally PVM_ARCH gives the architecture name in the format used by PVM. This should be set in a .cshrc (or equivalent) as follows:

setenv PVM_ARCH `${PVM_ROOT}/lib/pvmgetarch`


  • manual (web-ized)
  • manual (postscript)