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Synchronization Functions

At present it is not clear how we pass information back to UCPP_main in general: the only way to do so is for UCPP_main to ask other active objects for data with synchronous non-void rmeote method invocations. However, for this to work it is necessary for UCPP_main to synchronize with the object it wants to get data from. To allow this we provide three utility functions:

{\tt void WaitForSynchronize(Activatable *a);}

This puts the object (either the UCPP_main function or a function called from it in a wait state until a synchronization mesage is received from active object a.

void SendSynchronize(Activatable *a)

This sends a synchronization message to active object a, which must be executing a WaitForSynchronize message from this object or there is a logic error (not clear yet if there is any good reason why this situation may arise).

void SendSynchronizeMain();

This is the equivalent of SendSynchronize above, but sends the message to UCPP_main. This is the only way that an active object can proactively signal UCPP_main.

These synchronization functions are rather a hack to get raound certain problems with the fact that UCPP_main is not an active object and certain related difficult situations. It is hoped that as the model developes these will not be required.

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