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Using xpvm

The xpvm binary is located at


To use xpvm requires the following environment variables:

setenv XPVM_ROOT  /cs/research/coside/fsfb/croissant/coside/xpvm/
setenv TCL_LIBRARY ${XPVM_ROOT}/src/tcl
setenv TK_LIBRARY ${XPVM_ROOT}/src/tcl

In addition, the xpvm binary requires or newer: the CS machines have older versions. I have a local copy of this as


so you will need to add that path to the beginning of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable so it is picked up. However, this version of the library does not work with other bits of Open Windows.

I will get/make a statically linked version of xpvm in due course. How would I turn the dynamically linked version into a statically linked version?