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So Why is Spock such a Big Deal?

It was the end of an old year and the beginning of a new, and, as ever, there is always time at such a time when you need to find something to do. Having seen a posting on the ACCU General email list from the editor of Overload [1] requesting articles on testing for the next issue, I set out to write an article about The One True Testing Framework on the JVM, Spock.

Overload is a paper journal the articles of which are published online available to all, even those people who are not ACCU members.[2] So instead of replicating the article here, I provide links to the article published by ACCU. The official reference is: Overload, 24(131):26–32, February 2016. There are HTML and PDF renderings of the article.

1. Overload is one of two journals published by ACCU, see
2. Are there any professional programmers who are not members of ACCU?

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