Being Interviewed by the CLion Folk

ACCU 2016 was 2016-04-19 to 2016-04-23. Although I was chair of the conference, it was not possible for me to be there – thanks to Jon Jagger for standing in for me during the conference.

The JetBrains CLion team was an exhibitor at the conference. Anastasia Kazakova, who is the leader of the team, was not able to be at the conference. With both of us not there, she was not able to do the interview she wanted to do. So instead she sent me an email with a set of questions and I sent in a reply – standard non-local interview protocol. The result of the interview is posted on the CLion blog, a permanent link to the entry is this one.

Thanks to Anastasia for adding post interview annotations to correct minor errors in that that I wrote.

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