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Devoxx UK 2016

Devoxx UK 2016 is just in it’s last half day. The first two days (2016-06-08 and 2016-06-09) were the conference and this third day (2016-06-10) is the half-day workshops. I did my conference session "The Rise and Rise of Dataflow in the Javaverse" in the last conference session slot of the first day in Room A. The slides I used are here. As ever though I did lots of dynamic annotation which is obviously not captured in the PDF. To get a correct "feel" for the session you will have to watch the video. I will annotate this posting when I discover the URL of the video.

The tl;dr of the session is that there is a convergence of functional style, dataflow, and parallelism which means that you have to do it, so there are languages and libraries on the JVM that it behoves people to learn and use.


The video of the session can be found here. It has all the scrawling over the slides as well as the audio.

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