Learning about PyBlosxom

Prompted by the very widespread use of blog software for running Web sites, I decided to try the idea out. Given that Ross Burton uses PyBlosxom, I decided to try that. I already run Apache2 so installation of PyBlosxom was really as easy as "follow the instructions". Then there was the task of creating the flavour that actually gives the site its style, this was a totally different matter from the ease and simplicity of installing PyBlosxom but I found ideas from various Web sites and ended up with what you see here. It will change.

Perhaps the hardest two bits of getting going were: a. getting Apache to do the right thing and b. deciding on how to layout all the non-PyBlosxom controlled material. And trying to stop my UPS from spontaneously switching off all my machines.

Of course it is unlikely that anyone will actually read the stuff I put up but I have found so much good material that has helped me put up by others I thought it only fair to put stuff up that might be helpful to others.

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