Groovying at ACCU 2006

The ACCU 2006 conference was last week and was as good as ever. ACCU is a group of programmers, designers and trainers who are interested in C++, Python, Java, etc. -- see here for the ACCU website. On the Friday, I did a 90 minute presentation on Groovy and included a bit on Grails. A PDF file of the slides can be found here. I have no idea why OpenOffice.org2 rendered the slides so badly, when I view them with ooimpress2 they look a lot nicer - all green for a start, no white. If there is a clamour for the ODF format file, I will put it up.

All the source code for the presentation can be found here. I am in the middle of writing the talk up as a paper for the ACCU journal just now so, rather than write a long article here with all the code explained in context, I will leave you on tenterhooks awating publication of the paper!

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