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New Version of Gant Released

More and more people are using Gant as their build system in preference to Ant, so I thought it time to create a new release so that people can be using all the latest features. So, I am pleased to announce Gant 0.2.4.

Jar files compiled against the Groovy 1.0 distribution can be found on the webpage at

In case you were wondering if there really were any high-profile projects using Gant, then look no further than Grails which uses Gant for managing all task scheduling - in preference to Ant.

Let me emphasize Gant does not totally replace Ant, exactly the opposite, it relies on the Ant tasks. What Gant does is replace the use of XML as the build specification language, with scripts written in Groovy. An increasing number of people prefer using a dynamic programming language for describing builds rather than using XML. Can you blame them :-)

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