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Gant Moves Forward, 0.3.1 Released

Graham Roberts and myself were some having problems using Ant optional tasks with Gant, so I added extra classpath things:

  • A --lib option to add specific items to the classpath.
  • ~/.ant/lib/ has all contents added to the classpath.
  • if the environment variable ANT_HOME is set then ANT_HOME/lib/ant-*.jar are added to the classpath

Kohsuke Kawaguchi pointed out that Gant failed to return a sensible exit code and this was hindering Gant's use in the Hudson continuous integration system. This definitely required fixing!

The new distributions are available from the Gant webpage, there is a build for Groovy 1.0, and a build against Subversion Head r6962, as well as the source tar and zip files.

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