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PyCon UK 2007

PyCon UK 2007 was great. The talks were good, and all the delegates I met were both knowledgeable and sociable. Definitely a conference to prepare to attend next year!

Both the presentations I proposed got accepted, which was exciting for me, since I got to speak on two topics I find really interesting: programming languages comparisons, and build systems (a comparison!) - the links are to the PDF files of the slides held on the Concertant LLP presentations page. The conclusions of the first presentation were that dynamic languages (Python, Ruby and Groovy) are much better than static languages like C++ and Java for building applications, and Python is just great. The second talk concluded that Gant is great but that SCons is also extremely good - dynamic languages and DSLs rock for build systems, and SCons (written in Python) is well ahead of the field.

LugRadio recorded most of the talks from the conference, it will be interesting to see what the result is.

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