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Gant 1.1.0 About to be Released

It seems I failed to write a note here when Gant 1.0.0 and later 1.0.2 were released. How very remiss of me. What is worse, I failed to write a note when Gant was turned into a project in its own right at Codehaus. Clearly I need to get better at doing these notes.

Groovy 1.5.2 is soon to be released. To stay in synchrony with the Groovy releases, Gant 1.1.0 is being prepared for release. Snapshots compiled against Groovy 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT are available as a release candidate. Distributions are available at For those who use Maven 2, the URL is, the groupId is org.codehaus.gant, the artifactId is gant , and the version is 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

The Gant webpage, has the documentation.

If you give this version a whirl, that would be great. Do let me know if there are problems, or better still (of course) let me know if it works without problems out-of-the-box :-)

Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated Ivy usage to Ivy 2.0.0-beta1.
  • Added a Gant Ant Task.
  • Added Cobertura coverage reporting.
  • Altered the constructors of the Gant class to make programmatic calling of Gant a lot easier.
  • Improved the Maven target set.
  • Improved the LaTeX tool.

There are also a few fixes. The addition of the Gant Ant Task has meant that it is not straightforward to compile Gant with Groovy 1.0. After consulting with Groovy users on the mailing list it was agreed that this was not a problem. So for the moment, Groovy 1.0 is not supported, only Groovy 1.5.x. This can be fixed though if it needs to be.

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