Gant 1.1.1 is Released

Not only are we now up to Groovy 1.5.4, there were a number of fixes and additions in the Gant code base, so it seemed appropriate to make a new release -- which actually happened last night. Highlights of the release are:

  • Ivy and Maven Ant Task jars actually included in the distributions.
  • Allow control of directory paths in Maven target set.
  • Alter the Execute tool to avoid any blocking.
  • Added AntFile tool for reading Ant files into Gant.
  • Added -L | --lib options a la Ant.
  • ~/.gant/lib added as path to search for jars along with ~/.ant/lib.
  • depends can now take a list of mixed strings and Closures.

As ever distributions are available at For those who use Maven 2, the repository URL is, the groupId is org.codehaus.gant, the artifactId is gant , and the version is 1.1.1.

The Gant webpage has the documentation.

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