UKUUG Spring 2008

John Pinner asked if I would revamp and present at UKUUG Spring 2008 one of the talks I did at PyCon UK 2007. The talk is entitled "The Great Languages Debate" but it isn't really a debate. It is a small tour through a few comparative programming language examples. The main aim is to show that dynamic programming languages are the languages of applications development. Also whilst functional programming languages may not be mainstream, the techniques and idioms are very important -- so much so that many of them are introduced into mainstream languages.

A PDF of the slides for the talk can be found on the Concertant LLP website.

The UKUUG Spring 2008 conference was very enjoyable, and everyone there entered into the right spirit of competition between Python and Perl. I was not lynched for stating categorically that Perl is an "execute only" programming language.

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