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Gant 1.3.0 is Released

An increasing number of people have been saying that having Gant install into an existing Groovy installation is not a good idea. Instead, they were asking, Gant should exist in a directory tree of its own and use the GROOVY_HOME environment variable to refer to the Groovy installation. This seemed like a good idea, so this has been done. Hence this release. Apart from a couple of very trivial bug fixes 1.3.0 is 1.2.0 but restructured.

There is the added advantage of course that with the new organization it became essentially trivial to construct a standalone version of Gant that does not require a prior Groovy installation - this distribution has a Groovy jar and various other (transitive dependency) jars included. So there are now three distributions:

  • For use with a pre-existing Groovy 1.5.6.
  • For use with a pre-existing Groovy 1.6-beta-1.
  • Standalone and including a Groovy 1.5.6 jar.

As ever distributions are available at For those who use Maven 2, the repository URL is, the groupId is org.codehaus.gant, the artifactId is gant , and the version is 1.3.0.

The Gant webpage has the documentation.

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