Continuing the move from Subversion

Along with many, many others, I have come to the end of my tether with Subversion. The only thing that can try and save it is if every computer is always connected to the Internet always with a high bandwidth connection. Even then the big problem is having a .svn directory in every directory. OK, this is essential to the "directory as checkoutable item" architecture on the server but it is horrible to work with locally.

For many months now I have been using Bazaar and Git as my Subversion clients, i.e. I don't use Subversion to work with Subversion repositories, I am using a Git repository or a Bazaar branch instead. I am all a-dither as to which of these two is best - the Bazaar command set is somewhat easier to work with, the Bazaar GUI tools work a lot better on Gnome, but Git is a lot faster.

I probably won't come to a final decision as to which to plump for until the next generation of version control system appears. This means I can't say which of the two I am going to move Gant to, so in the interim I am keeping all three. Until Codehaus decide which of Git, Mercurial or Bazaar they are going to support, I am maintaining a Bazaar branch on Launchpad, and a Git repository on GitHub as well as continuing to have the Subversion repository at Codehaus.

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