Gant 1.6.1 released: Groovy 1.6.0 is harnessed

With the formal release of Groovy 1.6.0, it seemed obvious that there needed to be a build of Gant explictly compiled against it rather than a release candidate. Rather than muck around with repositories to get new builds of Gant 1.6.0 in place, it seemed easier and more straightforward, simply to create a new release of Gant - and those asked about this agreed.

So this release of Gant has no amendments, and no bug fixes. It is made just to ensure there is a version of Gant out there compiled against Groovy 1.6.0.

Gant 1.6.1 is in the Codehaus Maven repository groupId:org.codehaus.gant, version:1.6.1, but remember three different artefactIds, gant_groovy1.5, gant_groovy1.6, and gant_groovy1.7 - you have to use a version of Gant that matches the version of Groovy.

Distributions of Gant are in the usual place accessible from the Gant home page.

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