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Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope upgrade from 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is a bit of a

I have been using Ubuntu for a number of years now and stuck with it even when all my colleagues and associates abandoned it for Debian (testing or unstable rather than stable) or they bought Apple Mac OS X equipment. The Intrepid -> Jaunty upgrade has however seriously dented my confidence, and I am now thinking seriously about whether running Debian Squeeze would be a better way forward for me.

Problem 1: I upgraded my laptop which used to work fine under Intrpeid, and now under Jaunty, after a random period of time under random circumstances, it completely siezes up. The mouse pointer moves but no amount of clicking or keyboard tapping has any effect whatsoever. Reboot the machine and it is all fine again - for a while.

Problem 2: I upgraded my server and my RAID1 disc failed to be present on reboot. Fortunately this is data only, the system is on a separate non-RAID disc so boot was no problem other than fsck returning an error code so boot has to be continued manually. Very fortunately the fix reported in a bug report on Launchapd saved the day.

Do I ditch Ubuntu and switch to Debian or just suffer the 6-monthly update pains rather than risk the continuous pain of a continuously updated system such as Debian Unstable?

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