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New Laptop

It has been time for a while now that I got a new laptop or two (I always take two laptops with me when I go to client sites or conferences, so as to avoid embarassment if one fails to work). Until now I have always had two Ubuntu laptops. I decided that now was the time to go heterogeneous, so I got a second-hand white MacBook running Mac OS X Leopard to act as my number 2 machine. I really like MacBook hardware, it looks beautiful and the keyboards are superb to use. However I still prefer Ubuntu over Mac OS X.

For my number 1 machine I decided to get a high-performance laptop with a high-resolution screen. Having looked far and wide, including at Dell who claim to sell high-performance Ubuntu machines in the UK but actually they don't, and indeed at various US companies claiming to import Ubuntu machines to the UK, I settled on Linux Emporium as the supplier, and the Lenovo T500 with Ubuntu 9.04 pre-installed as the machine.

Order placed Tuesday morning, laptop arrived Friday morning, exactly as predicted by the folk at Linux Emporium. Having spent a day personalizing and integrating it into my set-up, I really like it. Thanks to John and the others at Linux Emporium for getting exactly the machine I needed to me in the time I needed it.

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