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Looking forward to EuroPython

My two proposals for presentations got accepted for EuroPython:

  • GIL isn't Evil GIL is the Global Interpreter Lock which forces a Python interpreter to be able to execute one and only one thread of Python code at a time. Many people think this stops Python being able to execute Python code in parallel. How wrong those people are. This talk is about the issues invovled and the various solutions. Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) will undoubtedly get a mention.
  • SCons the Builder Using dynamic programming languages is changing the face of build -- which used to be dominated by Make. This talk is about how SCons harnesses Python to be able to introduce new techniques of build specification. Comparisons with Gant and Gradle will no doubt be made.

EuroPython 2009 is being held from 28th June to 4th July 2009 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The currently accepted talk abstracts are now up at

The booking form is here

The early bird rate closes on Thursday May 21st.

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