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UKUUG Summer 2009 Conference

I gave a presentation _Shared Memory Multithreading is the Wrong Way to do Pa rallelism_ at UKUUG Summer 2009 Conference. It went well - after the 45 min talk, the questions went on for 30 min and this was after the end of the day! Of course questioning whether Unix and Linux (and the other operating system) can survive the next phase of the Multicore Revolution at a Unix user group conference could be seen as a bit contentious, but it was all done in a constructive spirit. Many of the people at the session caught up with me the following day to say how much they enjoyed the session, and how it was making them think about the next generation of applications and operating systems.

I also rehashed my SCons the Builder_ from EuroPython 2009 to create a 5 min lightning talk advertising SCons as the future of build. I entitled the session If you are using Make, you are doing it wrong_.

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