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PhD Examining in Bergen, Norway

Yesterday saw the completion of my role as "First Opponent" in the PhD examination of Anya Helene Bagge. Don Sannella was the "Second Opponent". Whilst there was an element of examination, it was really more a public spectacle - this is the first time I have been an external examiner for a non- UK PhD, so the system was entirely new to me. There will no doubt be pictures on the Web somewhere soon - there were certainly lots people taking lots of photos.

It is an open question is whether the idea of strongly typed parameters to C++ templates (aka concepts) are a good or bad thing pragmatically in trying to keep C++ as a main programming language for highly parallel, HPC, numeric applications, or whether it is time to ditch Fortran and C++ in favour of languages more suited to a truly parallel view of algorithm. There is a workshop here in Bergen tomorrow to pick away at this problem.

Anyway, congratulation to Anya for passing, and hopefully she has fun continuing work on Magnolia.

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