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Canon say they have Linux software, but don't :-(

As a new year pressie to myself I bought a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (*). The camera is superb - unlike the weather which is all slush rather than the more photogenic snow. I tried getting support software for the USB link from Canon's site. They advertise Linux and Unix on the drop down menus, leading to an expectation that they have Linux and Unix versions of all their software tools for the camera. Wrong. They only have Windows and Mac OS X variants of their software. This means I can't do the firmware upgrade unless I get a Windows or a Mac OS X machine. Extreme disappointment.

When asked, Canon report that there is no expectation of support for Linux at this time. Sad as well as disappointing.

(*) If anyone wants a well-used, but still totally working, Canon EOS 10D with battery grip, 4 batteries and charger, email me to negotiate. Also I have a Tamron 28-200 lens with hood, Skylight 1A, circular polarizer, and UV filter also in need of a good home.

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