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Parallelism can be Groovy

I am doing a "webinar" about Groovy and GPars for the BCS Distributed and Scalable Computing Specialist Group at 2010-03-17T17:30+00:00. See here.

From the announcement mailed out to group members and others:


This email is to provide you with joining instructions for Russel Winder's Webinar "Parallelism can be Groovy" taking place on Wednesday 17th March at 17:30 GMT, details of which I sent you earlier.

You can watch the webinar by going to the following URL:

if you have questions for Russel please email them to:

which will be available for mailing to from one hour before the webinar. Please ensure that you provide your name on the email. Mail will be moderated.

We very much hope that many of you will join the webinar, which is a new venture for DSC SG, aimed at helping the membership to "attend" as many of the group's talks as possible without the hassle of having to get to Central London.

We are very grateful to Professor Choi-Hong Lai and The University of Greenwich who are kindly providing facilities for the webinar.


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