UK's Hung Parliament 2010

The Conservatives threatened the markets with panic if there was a hung parliament, there is a hung parliament, and the markets did a bit of panicking. Is this behaviour built into the system, or are traders a bunch of lemmings easily fooled by FUD? Rhetorical question.

We have a hung parliament for the first time in 34 years. Now we see politicians negotiating with each other in a desperate scramble for power. Fairly ugly in itself. Interestingly though, if the UK moves to proportional representation, we will see this sort of "horse trading" after every election. The "first past the post" system has its benefits as well as its clear unfairnesses compared to proportional representation. I wonder if there will be proper debate about this, or whether the political classes will just impose the solution that is best for the political classes on the electorate. Do the political classes just see the electorate as sheep to be herded? Not a rhetorical question.

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