Con Lib Dem or Lib Dem Con

So Gordon Brown has resigned (as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party) and the Queen has invited David Cameron to be Prime Minister. The Conservatives (Con) have declared a full coalition with the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) - whatever that means in reality. The question is whether the Lib Dems are stringing the Cons along or whether the Cons are stringing the Lib Dems along. What is truly certain is that the political, ethical and moral differences between them are far more than the similarities. A very strange collaboration. So who is more desperate for power, David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

I suspect the telling point is that the Conservative party has enough money to fight another general election, but the other parties do not. What odds on a second election in 2010 with the Conservative party going for an overall majority so as to drop the Lib Dems?

What we can predict is that all the politicians will be ensuring they get money in their and their friends pockets. The voters will lose. Whatever politicians say in public, you know they are not averse to lying. Blatantly.

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