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HTC succumbs to bullying?

So HTC has signed a deal paying Microsoft royalties for HTCs use of Android in their smartphones. Microsoft are of course marketing this is part of their "Linux violates patents held by Microsoft" campaign. The question is Why has HTC really succumbed to this patent bullying tactic?

Microsoft of course claim this is because they have proved to HTC that their patent claims are real and genuine. Clearly this is just not the case, otherwise Microsoft would be chasing the really big Linux users. I guess that Microsoft have said to HTC that if HTC didn't pay up over Android then HTC would not be allowed to use Windows Mobile. But then does Windows Mobile matter any more in the smartphone market? Perhaps then Microsoft are playing a "long game": by obtaining lots of smaller organizations actually paying royalties, they build up a snowball of opinion that the patent violation is real. This way they create a perception of truth of their claim without ever having to prove their case in court.

Perhaps then the question is: Are Microsoft channeling funds back to HTC in some way to pay them back for participating in this long game patent scam?

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