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Developing Django Websites

I am just getting into constructing websites using Django. So I thought "buy some books, that will help". Well the books I got, including the one by the Benevolent Dictators for Life of Django, tell you how Django works and how a final working site works, but they don't tell you how to construct a site, nor how to test a site - neither unit test or integration test are covered. Contrast this with the Grails books which heavily emphasize using test-driven development to create the sites, and have lots of material, and even index entries, about tests and testing. The Django books simply say "you should test, for information see the Django website".

So the inference seems to be that testing is central to the use of Grails whereas with Django it is something you are told you should do, but it isn't something that needs to be presented in the books. Definite case of mixed messages. Conclusion: Django book authors really need to get their priorities in order.

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