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N900 Upgrade -- Joke?

My N900 is telling there is a Maemo upgrade, and the list of new features looks enticing. However if you try the upgrade, it goes through the first few stages of preparation, and then stops and tells you that you can't do it over the air, you have to download the install file onto a PC and use the USB connection to do the upgrade.

When you read the instructions it tells you a whole collection of bizarre things you have to do to get things to work. OK, so it seems like you have to have a PhD in Linux administration to upgrade a Maemo N900. What is actually worse are the warnings about how the upgrade will completely anihilate all data on the phone. That isn't going to win friends and influence people -- at least not positively. It is making me think twice about doing the upgrade at all. Even though I back up my data on the phone and then copy the backup file out to my fileserver. The thought of being left with a phone that doesn't work is a real mountain.

If this is the upgrade strategy then this phone is definitely not a general consumer device, it is definitely a programmer's toy. I wonder if Android phones are as bad?

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