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Bing Bang Mark II

Commuters in London never have to buy a newspaper for their morning and evening journeys. In the mornings there is the free Metro and in the evening the free Evening Standard. Generally both have some news, some sport reporting, masses of gossip, and lots of adverts. Ignoring all the advertising and the gossip stuff - I suppose someone must find it interesting and readable, or it would grow to be more and more of the non-advert content - the news and non-football sport news pass about 10 mins of reading time.

Yesterday though I was shocked, but pleasantly so. "Bing Bang Mark II" was the front page headline, there was a superb picture from CERN showing the debris from an extremely high energy collision at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and the short one-column article was not only not entirely wrong, it was also not too over the top, nor overly condescending. Crikey, sane reporting by a newspaper about the LHC.

I don't know why the sudden re-emergence of interest in LHC activity, but well done Metro for doing something interesting about it.

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