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Somno, the Barber of Clapham Junction, Introduces GPars

Paul Grenyer guest edited {CVU} 22(6) January 2011 - {CVU} is one of the journals/magazines (choose the noun you think fits best) published by ACCU; see here - and he asked me if I would like to submit something. GPars, a library of Groovy-based bits and pieces for writing concurrent and parallel software, seemed like an ideal candidate for an article so I put one together and submitted it. It was accepted and published.

The article is founded on a number of versions of simulation-style solutions to the classic "Sleeping Barber" problem - Wikipedia has a page on this here. The idea is to show Actor Model, Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) and Dataflow Model in action as realized in GPars, to show that these are much nicer models for managing concurrency and parallelism in applications that trying to use shared memory multi-threading (which should probably be treated as anathema in applications programming).

Members of ACCU have all probably got their paper copy of this issue and may even have read my article. Members of ACCU can also access the PDF of the issue via the URL Being a member of ACCU brings many perks!

Fortunately for non-members of ACCU, article authors retain copyright in the material, so I can put a version on this website. You can find it here.

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