Merrill Lynch continue to discriminate

I hate the idea of subtly advertising a company without being given some remuneration for doing so, and of course using the name of the company in a blog is doing exactly that, but I had to comment on this as it makes me so angry. Perhaps this publicity might be sufficiently negative that the company might do something. Or maybe they are so big and unaware that they don't care. What's the problem . . .

If you alight on the Merill Lynch webpage, you are very likely to see this:

Certainly I did using Epiphany and Chrome - OK so not that many people use Epiphany (even though it is the Gnome standard browser) but Chrome, that is seriously mainstream. And look at the version numbers Merril Lynch deign to consider ones to be supported.

Organizations should abandon this discrimination and just use standard HTML. Sex discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, etc. are all illegal. Equal opportunity and diversity are mandated. Perhaps a law should be passed to make browser discrimination illegal. After all discrimination such as this has already been ruled unacceptable by the EU and hence must not happen in any of the member states.

Perhaps the people from Google and Opera need to step up to the plate.

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