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The League of Evil Empires Updated

And in the "completely and totally unsurprising" section, Nokia has crawled into the League of Evil Empires at a lowly Number 9. Why? Mostly for compromising the tenets they had operated by for the last 20+ years. It is true that the last five years, maybe more, has seen the business strategy be a total failure, but to react by completely upending the company structure and abdicating responsibility for the entire software stack on which its business depends, handing it over to another company, seems to be a suicidal note of desperation too far. Of course, it seems very likely that Nokia is destined to rapidly move to position 100 or lower in a league of 9! The value of the Nokia is being decimated in the markets, perhaps to the point at which Microsoft will simply acquire it. Perhaps this was Microsoft's plan in having a prominent employee be put in place as Nokia President and CEO?

Bad management and poor executive vision have reduced a once nigh-on monopolistic organization from one driven by innovation and out-geeking even the geekiest, to being a commodity box shifter desperate for an angle in a world in which its market share is collapsing at a speed rivalling that of the collapse of a red giant star into a white dwarf. What to do? Turn to an organization that was a monopoly but is now desperately trying to return to the glory days of monopoly in the face of the obvious fact that it is destined to become a minor player. Both are desperate for success with this role of the dice.

Sadly there is the outside chance that they might both succeed with this play. It's all about the business mindset (versus sanity). Companies might switch from iPhone, Android and Blackberry as the corporate tools to WP7 as the corporate tool. If this happens, it will be the saving of Microsoft as well as Nokia, and likely the herald of the demise of Blackberry. At which point of course Nokia will re-establish itself at Number 9 in the League. It may even climb higher. If it isn't bought first of course.

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