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The Facebook Blue Pencil - Can its current strategy survive?

Facebook is beginning to get a reputation for ridiculous, well actually pathetically stupid, censorship episodes. Material gets censored (usually stupidly and to a wrong code of morals/ethics) and then when the stupidity is brought to light, the censorship is removed and censored material reinstated. The latest episode is documented here. Facebook really is going to have to do something about this attempt to impose somebody's (it really isn't known whose) warped moral and ethical code on the rest of the universe.

To date, most of these censorship episodes seem to relate to sex - in one guise or another anyway. Why isn't any of the censorship related to guns. I find machines designed solely for one human being to kill one or many more other human beings far, far more offensive than anything to do with the sex industry. Why isn't Facebook doing something about limiting the progress and advertising of gun culture?

Facebook's current censorship policy is increasingly being ridiculed by more and more people, and yet Facebook continues to accrete to itself the ability to determine what people think is acceptable and not acceptable. One wonders if there is a "monopolies", aka anti-trust, issue rapidly rising here. If Facebook want to avoid "the auditors", they are going to have to amend their strategy.

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