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On The Stupidity of Apple's Arrogant Fascism

Can it really be the case that Apple are deeming Opera to be unsuitable for people under 17, but fine for people over 17? (See the Opera press release and this article from The Register.) It appears so.

Why on earth have an age limit for using a Web browser? It's just a Web browser after all. And there is no such ban on using Safari. Aha. There we have it. Apple are trying to provide barriers to use of products that compete with their own. I guess they are hoping that no-one will challenge them under the various discrimination laws -- age discrimination in browser choice. Are there any lawyers out there up for that one?

I wonder how long it will take before the following argument bubbles up: Opera allows access to websites deemed inappropriate for children to view and Safari doesn't. Wrong obviously, but it might leverage all the angst about parental control that seems to whip up random censorship frenzy.

Clearly there are some things that society decides requires an age limit, under it you can't, over it you can. Driving a car, voting, etc. Choice of Web browser really is not in the same category. Apple are clearly trying to put in place inappropriate barriers. If this were Microsoft, Internet Explorer and Opera, we'd be hearing of the court case already. Will Apple be allowed to get away with this petty, almost vindictive, behaviour?

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