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Why does Vodafone hate Handsworth so much?

Many years ago, when Vodafone was supposed to be just about covering the whole of the UK with 3G as well as 2G, Handsworth - that's B21 in Birmingham, supposedly England's second or third city depending on who you ask - was a 3G "black hole". I wrote to Vodafone and asked about this. The response was along the lines of "there will be complete 3G coverage within a year". Significantly more than two years later Handsworth remains a 3G "black hole". Worse, you can't even get 2.5G. If you travel 1km in any direction from Handsworth there is excellent 3G. Vodafone clearly cannot be bothered with coverage in Handsworth for some reason known only to someone.

Handsworth is not an area with next to zero population per square kilometre, almost exactly the opposite, it is an area with a high population density, so that cannot be the reason for lack of 3G coverage. 2G Vodafone signal is excellent, so there must be Vodafone aerials covering the area. Hence the question: why is Vodafone not supplying 3G coverage to an area it has excellent 2G coverage in? Or put another way: why does Vodafone discriminate against the inhabitants of Handsworth?

This is not a rhetorical question.

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