Cameron's Red Tape Challenge Confidence Trick

After the attempt of "let's sell off publicly owned forest to our monied friends" which got u-turned due to public outcry, we now have "The Red Tape Challenge", which appears to be "let's repeal all wildlife and conservation laws so our monied friends can do what they want with all public land". In many ways this new plan is even more wide ranging and detrimental than the last one. Is Cameron's plan to wear down the UK public so that in the end there is no outcry when he simply gives all public land to his monied friends to do with whatever they wish?

What is really incomprehensible is that Vince Cable is in charge of handling this. One can only assume that the Liberal Democrats really are now just Conservatives with a yellow rosette rather than a blue one. Can anyone now take the Liberal Democrats seriously as a party independent of the Conservatives?

Cameron's strategy appears cleverly divisive. There are elements of excessive "red tape" in the system. Most of it is to do with tax law, none of it is to do with wildlife and conservation laws per se. By setting up the wildlife and conservation laws as the "baddie" holding back UK's economic recovery, Cameron is trying to create a public antipathy towards said laws even though all the arguments are sophistic and even casuistic. Cameron really cannot be allowed to get away with this huge confidence trick. There has to be a massive public outcry.

If you don't believe my rant, believe RSPB, see this.

To be honest, forget the whole AV debate, this "Red Tape Challenge" is far more serious, potentially unrecoverably damaging, and needs much more airplay to show what a despicable con attempt it is.

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