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Progress don't Regress: Another Gant Release

There was a regression in the 1.9.4 release of Gant that could not be ignored. The problem has been corrected, and a new release candidate checked by the people who found the regression (thanks due to Jeff Brown and the Grails folk). There is therefore a shiny new Gant 1.9.5 release. Everything should be in place at Codehaus already and Maven will get updated as soon as the Codehaus -> Maven sync happens.

The regression whilst essentially trivial, was sufficiently fundamental that I have taken the drastic step of removing the 1.9.4 release from everywhere. This should have no effect on people using Groovy 1.7 or 1.8, they should use Gant 1.9.5. People still using Groovy 1.6 will not see a Gant 1.9.5 and will have to stay weith Gant 1.9.3. Of course people still using Groovy 1.6 should upgrade to 1.8.0 immediately and therefore not have a problem with Gant :-)

Thanks, and sorry for the hassle.

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