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JSR166 Released into the Maven Repository

_ The original post was wrong in some fundamentally fundamental ways, so much so that I have taken the liberty of editing the content to be correct. _

In JSR166 and the Maven repository I reported that JSR166 snapshot artefacts were newly present in the Codehaus snapshots repository. In breaking news, I can report that Doug Lea (helped by Tim Peierls) has tagged the master JSR166 repository with the tag release-1.7.0 so that a non-snapshot release can be made, and artefacts appear in the main Maven repository. I have employed my Git clone of the master JSR166 repository, with its gradleBuild branch, to build artefacts and upload them. They are in the Codehaus repository now and will appear in the main Maven repository at the next synchronization.

Details of the 5 artefacts:

groupId org.codehaus.jsr166-mirror
artefactId jsr166
version 1.7.0

Each of the artefacts has source code and javadoc files as artefacts in the repository using the now standard mechanism of using the classifiers "sources" and "javadoc" - with the binary artefact having no classifier.

The jsr166, jsr166tck, and jsr166x artefacts are there for completeness, the ones people will be interested in are jsr166y and extra166y ones: jsr166y comprises all the new classes that will be standard in JDK 7, whilst extra166y comprises the classes that will appears in JDK 8.

For further details or any questions about the artefacts, contact me directly. For information about JSR166 see the project home page.

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