In need of consulting gigs / teleworking gigs

For reasons which are unlikely to become apparent any time soon, I find myself in need of being much less laid back about income generation -- even though I am currently involved with a pre-money startup and writing a book. I have ongoing training gigs, but I need to increase income from that level. For various reasons I need to telework rather than commute.

I have a CV (of sorts) on my personal website The short form summary is skilled and interested in: Python, Groovy, Java, Scala, D, Go, Ruby software development generally; parallel and concurrent programming in Python, Groovy/Java/GPars, Scala/Akka, Go, D, C++; SCons, Gradle, Maven and Ant build frameworks; Bazaar, Mercurial, and Git distributed version control systems; LaTeX typesetting.

My accountant tells me it is best for me to work as a sole trader, which I do under my own name or, where the people letting the contract cannot work with named individuals, under the trading name "Winder Information Systems Engineering" -- which is my sole trader trading name registered with HMRC.

If the people letting the contract require to deal with a company, or there are liability issues which preclude working as a sole trader, then I trade through It'z Interactive Ltd ( -- though formally this is dormant just now as I have not undertaken any of this sort of activity for 5 years or so.

So if you have any consulting or training needs which I can fulfil, please contact me. If you have funds for projects, but no internal resource, where a project is amenable to being undertaken on a contract basis via teleworking, I would love to hear from you.

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