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You Need to Know Python

In this world of a plethora of programming languages, where new ones seem to appear on a weekly basis, C, C++ and Python have been, and remain, the main non-Java Platform languages. Even on the Java Platform there is Python, in the form of Jython. Gnome emphasizes C, C++ and Python, as does Canonical and many other organizations. The Python Software Foundation is definitely pro Python. Why is Python so "front and centre" and high profile? What makes Python so strong, used and loved as a programming language?

Even though Python is over 20 years old, it has evolved to stay modern and relevant. This is especially poignant given the Multicore Revolution that has caused so much change in C++ and so much distress for C. How does Python, a fundamentally sequential system in is CPython form, deal with the parallelism of modern hardware?

These questions, and I have no doubt many others, will be investigated in a free event I am running at Skills Matter at 2011-08-02T18:30+01:00. To sign up go to this URL.

If you don't sign up, we'll send Monty the Python round to put the squeeze on you.

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