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Skills Matter, Python, and Me

As some people will already have seen from the announcements on Twitter, I have teamed up with Skills Matter to provide a Python training activity. The initial public courses are workshops for people who have some programming experience, but little or no Python experience - see this page for details. I am sure, over time, there will be a demand for my intermediate, and possibly even advanced workshops.

Although this activity is new, the courses themselves are not. I have been presenting Python training since 2006 - and a Python user for many years before that. The courses are not of 5 year old material though. After each presentation, the courses are reviewed and updated in the light of the feedback from the presentation, and the state of the Python world at the time. So the material undergoes continuous evolution to stay in tune with the Python language, its philosophy and its practical use.

If you fancy coming on one of these courses contact the Skills Matter sales folk by phone on +44 20 7183 9040. Or even drop me an email.

_ If you spot anything you think is wrong or missing in the advertised course, please send me an email. _

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