In The Brain Session

I presented an "In the Brain" session at Skill Matter last evening. It was initially intended to be focused on Python and why it is a real "must learn" language - hence the title You Need to Know Python. However it became more a Python in context sort of session.

I had initially assumed most people would have a little familiarity with Python, but it became clear fairly early on that there was a very wide ranging experience of Python, from the very knowledgeable to the "haven't tried it yet". I therefore changed the content of various parts of the session on the fly. This is why there might have appeared to be a few discontinuities, well more than usual anyway.

As ever Skills Matter videoed the session and have already uploaded it, you can find it at:

I enjoyed the session, and various people came up afterwards and said how much they enjoyed it. So overall a success. Thanks to everyone who came, especially those who chipped in and made the session interactive. Thanks to Skills Matter for hosting the event.

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